Developing the digital city together

In the Urban Tech Republic’s FUTR HUB, innovative solutions are created for the future of our cities.

The intelligent digitalization of cities improves quality of life, conserves resources, and makes urban living and management more sustainable. The new urban district Berlin TXL is expected to assume a pioneering role for Germany’s capital as it moves towards becoming a smart city. To do so, the smart neighborhoods of Berlin TXL need not only digital infrastructure but also locations for innovations and a network of partners in order to ensure the sensible and secure use of urban data.

Berlin TXL is being provided with modern technical infrastructure, including powerful digital information and communication technology (ICT), to enable urban data to be used sensibly and securely. A place of innovation will be created, and a network of partners will ensure that added value and services are developed for operators, residents, visitors, researchers, etc. A key component of the FUTR HUB is the data platform.

Use cases

In the FUTR HUB, smart ideas are transformed into smart services for Berlin TXL. Here we present several use cases that have already been or are currently being realized.

Digital infrastructure

Modern and digital infrastructure is being established to enable the planning and operation of neighborhoods to be designed more efficiently, and to promote innovation.


Intelligent energy systems and solutions form the foundation of the resource-conserving city of the future being created in Berlin TXL.


Innovative technologies are researched, developed and implemented for the purpose of qualifying environmental monitoring and training.


Intelligent water management improves quality of life in the new district and ensures sustainability.

Housing and construction

Digital solutions speed up construction, make managing real estate more efficient, and offer new services for residents.

Development partnership

Cooperation for a digital future: In Berlin TXL, the development partnership is flourishing as a collaborative format that creates innovative and user-oriented value-added services. Through a shared co-creation process, synergies between different actors are uncovered and employed in specific use cases. Development partners from the fields of supply and disposal are already working on this, while start-ups, research institutes and industry players are warmly invited to engage in dialog.

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Data governance

Data governance is the basis that ensures data is provided quickly, its quality assured, and its security guaranteed. This in turn enables us to make well-founded decisions, develop innovative products, and facilitate added value for people-oriented smart cities.


The data strategy defines objectives, responsibilities, processes and roles in data handling.

Committee work

Dialog and discussion are essential for intelligent digitalization. This is why we actively engage in committees.

API management

Programming interfaces (APIs) play a vital role in software development as well as in data integration and usage.


The open-source code and information on our platform infrastructure can be found in a GitLab repository.


Our vision for urban development is focused on solutions that improve processes and decisions, and make cities more livable and more efficient in the long term. With extensive practical experience, a large site and a wide range of actors, we are establishing the ideal conditions for application-oriented research. We have a broad spectrum of expertise, resources and networks to collectively shape research projects that will not only promote our own objectives, but also have a positive impact on society. Our aim is to help shape the future of urban development through research. That’s why we participate in research projects – and are always on the lookout for new ones.

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Applications and portals

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