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Model sustainable charging infrastructure for districts in Berlin TXL

In Berlin TXL the aim is to establish charging infrastructure that will serve as a model for other districts and cities to follow. This will be integrated into multifunctional masts on the streets, among other points. As part of the development partnership, we will define criteria and processes that make it possible to compare performance within the charging infrastructure. Among the factors to consider here are, for example, planning, construction, operation, supply and use of charging stations. We aim also to set up five public mobility hubs of different sizes in the Urban Tech Republic. In the low-traffic Schumacher Quartier, the hubs will operate as neighborhood garages using smart charging infrastructure.

Our vision is of a charging infrastructure network spanning the Berlin TXL project area. This should have the provision to guarantee an even density of charging stations according to the level of need. The charging infrastructure should be universally interoperable in its use. It should furthermore correspond with the supply infrastructure on the project site and ideally be supplied with green, local electricity.

The partners involved in this use case are primarily infrastructure supply companies and municipal actors.

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