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Innovative street lighting in Berlin TXL in the form of multifunctional masts

By deploying sensor technology and using data to intelligently manage infrastructure, it is possible to develop an urban space into a smart city. The aim is for the localization of components used in urban development to be as inconspicuous as it is efficient, so that intelligent infrastructure is comprehensively available, and yet does not unduly attract attention.

Multifunctional masts are street lights equipped with sensors. Their use allows cities and those who manage districts the opportunity to combine technologies required for smart cities in a way that saves space and incorporates them cleverly into the streetscape. Lighting masts are fitted with additional components that are operated and maintained in parallel, thus saving costs. Furthermore, managing several components on one lighting mast is more efficient than installing individual components. Operation by a single provider also facilitates synergy effects, saving time, personnel and costs.

We have already built a prototype, and the plan is to set up several hundred multifunctional masts. Once connected, they will deliver large amounts of data that can be used by the district management for a wide range of use cases. Tegel Projekt GmbH is already beginning to gather environmental data, such as ecological data or the number of passing cars. This data can be used to manage parking space and to control street lighting. Multifunctional masts can also be used as charging infrastructure, for Wi-Fi, 5G or as emergency call stations.

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