EU research project ACCORD

The EU-funded research project ACCORD aims to digitally develop inspection and approval processes in the construction sector and to test them in practice.

Project objective

ACCORD supports sustainable, climate-neutral construction within the context of the European Green Deal and the “New European Bauhaus” initiative. Data-based analysis, simulations and audit schemes support construction processes to take into account ecological and aesthetic principles. Within the consortium, existing processes are evaluated, supported or improved.

Berlin TXL as an application partner

For the development and testing of the ACCORD framework, a range of data is relevant: in addition to geodata, sensor data and operational data (CAFM), this also includes building information modeling (BIM), and XPlanung. As part of the German demonstrator, Tegel Projekt GmbH is an application partner within the ACCORD project. The processes, systems, procedures, etc., developed in the project (known as the ACCORD framework) are tested using data from practice, i.e. using data from construction projects in Berlin TXL. Other demonstrators are located in Spain, Estonia and Finland, among other places.

Participating organizations and companies

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