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Automatic visitor counting in the Infocenter Berlin TXL

In the Infocenter Berlin, two 3D sensors determine how many visitors are currently in the space and the number of guests per day. These sensors enable current and historical insights into visitor rates and allows for data-based analysis.

In order to cover the entire entrance area of the Infocenter, the two counters are connected with each other. They can measure several visitor streams at once, for example those coming through the public visitor entrance, through the entrance to the lounge, and through the reception.

The 3D technology used for image capture makes it possible to determine not only how many people are currently in the space, but also the direction they are moving in, i.e. whether they are entering or leaving.

The anonymized data is saved in the FUTR HUB’s data platform and visualized on a dashboard. The evaluation of user activities in the Infocenter serves as a basis for offering all guests a better user experience.