Use case Housing and Construction

Computer-aided maintenance and monitoring of buildings

Tegel Projekt GmbH uses GATE, the computer-aided system for maintaining and monitoring buildings (computer-aided facility management, CAFM) from Planon. The various components of this software work together in an integrated way.

The core of the GATE CAFM system is the web client, which covers and supports the processes for managing the property and its buildings. The basis of all the modules is the area management, which displays not only the buildings including room books, but also all outdoor areas.

The master data is supplemented by information on technical facilities and the tree inventory. The order management component manages the services, linking room information with information on an event and providing this to service companies for processing. Costs incurred are determined, and budget management is used for supervising and evaluating these. Reservations for rooms and vehicles, as well as detailed room planning, are possible via the reservation module.

Using the integrated sensor solution from Planon and its partner Disruptive Technologies, comfort elements of the office rooms (room temperature, humidity, CO2 content of the air) are recorded and evaluated. Movement sensors in the meeting rooms facilitate resource-conserving, condition-based cleaning.

The live app gives colleagues a mobile solution they can use to initiate processes, such as notifications or reservations by smartphone.

GATE-CAFM is being continually developed and woven into the system landscape of Tegel Projekt GmbH. This applies to interfaces with the FUTR HUB data platform and with Microsoft Dynamics and the new ERP system.

Interface of the Planon program.